Bumblebee Quarter

Bumblebee Quarter


“Bumblebee Quarter” is a fully automated transforming robot of TRANSFORMERS “Bumblebee”. It is a quarter of the original size of Bumblebee. It can transform between humanoid and vehicle form. V-Sido OS is adopted as the control system. Using V-Sido OS, bipedal walking is realized. Running on tires is also possible when in vehicle mode. The robot is controlled using PC and you can move the robot freely using a mouse or a game controller.

[Basic SPEC]
Height in robot mode/length in vehicle mode: 1.3 m,
weight: 35 kg, maximum battery power: 3 kw,
operating time: 1 hour, number of seats: 2,
controlled by V-Sido OS.

[Robot Mode SPEC]
Maximum walking speed: 1 km/h, gripping weight: 0.1 kg.

[Vehicle Mode SPEC]
Maximum traveling speed: 10km/h, minimum road clearance: 40 mm.



Full length
(Vehicle mode)

Total height
(Humanoid mode)


Body weight