For Kenji Ishida, a Transformable Robot Creator, a common humanoid robot is not a true robot. A robot that can be transformed and incorporated is a true robot. For him, this is definition of a robot.

It is at his second year of junior high school that he aimed at building of a giant transformable, incorporable robot.
When having viewed the robot animation, such as the transformer series and the brave robot series, broadcasted at the time, Ishida thought as bellow:


“A society in which a giant robot that can be transformed and incorporated exists will surely come.
If so, there is no possibility that business building it does not succeed!”


His all intentions started here.


Fourteen years old is a susceptible age.
Many boys of that age have vague longing, “I want to build a robot!”, in the same way.


In most cases, however, the longing ends up as a mere dream.
Persons who can work out a concrete plan and sublime longing to intention are few.
Ishida was one of them.


With intention in his mind, Ishida began to learn robot technology through self-education.
Five years later, Ishida became a college student and still learned robot technology single-mindedly.
He, of course, selected a college to learn robot technology necessary for building of a robot.


A college student Ishida built many small-sized robots at about 100 thousand Yen on funds saved by side jobs, and accumulated experience.


In some cases, he made at home advanced processing machines (CNC milling cutter, 3D printer, etc.) necessary for building of a robot.


It was at 21 years old that his efforts bore fruit.
He completed a small-sized robot walking with two legs at last.
The time was an era when a major company invested a large capital to complete finally a small-sized robot walking with two legs.


Next year, he also succeeded in transformation of the robot.
He already completed at the time a small-sized robot that could be transformed from a human type to a vehicle type.


He noticed then, however, one thing.


“I have learned so far centered on a robot, but have not learned much about a vehicle”.


After that, he pursued technology he was lacking, and selected learning of vehicle-related technology.
And time went on.
Ishida, who started to walk on a way of building of a robot at 14 years old, became a young man of 30 years old.


Ishida, who acquired robot technology and vehicle-related technology at that time.
drew on all of his technology to complete a seventh generation small-sized transformable robot, his summarization at the time.
It showed that “transformation” he thought became a shape.


Ishida released on YouTube a figure in which the robot transforms, walks as a human type, and turns tyres as a vehicle type.
A sensation arose instantly in the world.
This was an instant when Ishida made his name renowned in the world.


Next year, Ishida quit the job and decided independence.
He established “BRAVE ROBOTICS Inc.” in which he served as representative.
This was selection to change development stages from “transformation” to “giant”.


In the same year, he succeeded in building of J-deite Quarter of 1.3 m long, a first step of building of a giant transformable robot.
He surprised the world again.


His goal and intention, however, is far and away.


The goal of Project J-deite is building of a giant transformable robot of 5 m long.
It is the same size as a car.
An object of the same size transforms, walks, and runs.
A world the mankind has never seen is waiting.


For Ishida, the goal of this project is only a halfway point of his intention.


Because “incorporation” is yet waiting.


Journey of intention of Kenji Ishida, a Transformable Robot Creator, is far away and runs on to the far future.