J-deite RIDE

J-deite RIDE


A huge transforming robot “J-deite RIDE”. “J-deite RIDE” is the high-end model of the “J-deite Quarter”, and it also adopts Asratec’s robot control system “V-Sido OS”. We aim to complete development in 2017.


Model name J-deite RIDE


Humanoid mode Vehicle mode
Size 3.8×2.5×3.7(m) 1.8×3.9×1.4(m)
Maximum wheel speed 30km/h 60km/h
Maximum walking speed 5km/h
Wheel drive system 2WD(Differential drive) 2WD(RR)
Wheel drive motor Electric motor + speed reducer
Body weight 900kg
Tire size 175/80R16
Riding capacity 2名
OS V-Sido OS
Maneuvering method Direct manned maneuvering inside cockpit or unmanned remote control via wireless or wireline
Frame Material Aluminum alloy, etc.
Exterior Materials FRP, etc.
Power source Lithium-based battery, etc.
Joint drive system Electric motor + speed reducer
Number of joints More than 30
Transformation time Less than 10 seconds

* Current specification assumptions. May subject to change in the future.

RELEASE Schedule

in 2017

Total height
(Humanoid mode)


Body weight


Full length
(Vehicle mode)