The sudden appearance of the “black tumulus” at Shibuya crossing raised the curtain to this story….

Planet Earth, near future.
Science has continued to advance, and humans have acquired a number of new technologies.
New means of communication, new infrastructure, new buildings, new operating system…
and new form of transportation.


Car looks different now, no longer just a means of transportation,
but has evolved into the so-called AV(Alternati-vehicle), a handy tool in many facets of life.


These AV have “hands” and “feet” with multiple joints, good for supporting human lives,
and useful for things like distributing goods and shuttling people, as they can move automatically by OS even when unattended.


However, its convenient features have become problematic as AV-related crimes such as theft and voyeurism are on the rise.

In that same near future, in an insignificant corner of Japan, there exists a small town factory.


Its name is “Hirasaka Factory”.
Originally a car maintenance shop, it has now transformed into a restoring business for customizing old cars into AV under its current owner, Takeshi Hirasaka.


Takeshi runs the factory along with his wife Miwa, his daughter Midori, and his son Gouki;
the four of them led a busy yet peaceful life.


Besides running the factory, Takeshi has also embarked on the development of the original humanoid AV “J-deite”.
Suffering from the grief of losing his young wife Miwa to an illness, Takeshi had finally finished his work on “J-deite”.

Then, one day, Takeshi and “J-deite” vanished without a trace.


Coincidentally, a large number of AV started to rampage the Earth around the time of Takeshi’s disappearance,
sending human society into a spinning chaos.


What followed was the event that people called “The Shibuya Incident”,
and it all started when a mysterious giant ancient tumulus, black in color and octagonal in shape,
the so-called “black tumulus” suddenly appeared around Shibuya crossing.

Coming to you in 2017.